Dr. Emy Etienne's Biography

Dr. Emy Etienne is the pastor of Full Gospel Assembly of Righteousness in Jesus, a non-enominational church located in Miami, Florida. Dr. Etienne has been the pastor since the church was founded on February 7, 1983.

Dr. Etienne is a pioneer in South Florida Haitian community and has established a thriving ministry and school to help young men and women, adults and children to be outstanding Christian for the kingdom of God. Dr. Etienne helped many new immigrants with getting work permits and various immigration service, job placements, housings, and school enrollment. He has been working for many years a community leader; and as advisor to the Haitian Pastor Coalition for Social Services. Today, Dr. Etienneā€™s ministry has stretched throughout Florida and Haiti.

Dr. Etienne is known for his integrity, discipline and uncompromised teaching of the word of God according to scripture. His mission is to evangelize, educate, and prepare a church for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Dr. Etienne is also an educator. He and his wife, Frantzsuze Etienne, founded Ebenezer Christian Academy; a successful K-12 pace school.

Dr. Etienne got saved at the age of 14 and has since been chosen by God to preach the gospel. His parents refused him from their house because of the gospel. At a young age, he was sent to preach in Aux Cayes, Haiti by pastor Nicolas Miller, and had ministered a young growing assembly for two years before he left for the United States.

Dr. Etienne earned an associate degree in theology from Gospel Assembly Bible School in Haiti. He studied and earned a certificateĀ degree in prophecy at Liberty University. He is a certified Professional Ministry Development for Accelerated Christian Education. He received an honorary Doctorate of Theology from the United Graduate College and Seminary International in 2014 and an honorary Doctorate of Humanity from Leconte University in 2015. He has also been awarded the Golden Rule International Award to be a Goodwill Ambassador to over one hundred twenty nations.

Dr. Etienne has written many unpublished booklets which he shares with his assembly. However, his first published work titled, The Expression of Life, is about how God uses chastisement to purify his elects.


Full Gospel Assembly was founded on February 6th, 1983 by Pastor Emy Etienne at the age of 26 and his wife Sis Suzie Etienne, along with their first child Nerline Etienne.

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