Full Gospel Assembly was founded on February 7th, 1983 by Pastor Emy Etienne and his wife Frantzsuze Etienne. He was 26 years old at the time and their first child and daughter, Nerline Etienne was just a toddler.

Pastor Emy had no intention to start a ministry, but what started as home prayer services with 7 members grew to 15 plus people. He was urged by the group to find a location to meet. The church’s first address was at 4300 NW 7th Avenue Miami. Each of the people had their own beliefs and came from different churches, but because they felt bless by Pastor Emy’s teaching they stayed with him. Because the place was so small and God started added more saints to the church; those who did not want us to exist or succeed began to call the church, the “Match Box.”

Since we were small, only three members of the church had cars, and that was our main means of transportation, three small cars. There was one brother who had a car with three different colors; the door was one color; the hood was one color and the trunk another. Much hostility and animosity arise from our own fellow brothers who perceive us as a challenge to their own ministry. “I felt the pressure of God on me to continue the work. I was sometimes afraid for my life and that of my family that we were going to be victimized.” Every time I started to get discourage, I was reinforced by the strength of God. I would hear God's voice calling me by name. And God helped the church to grow despite all the opposition and threats.

In 1984, the church relocated to 4800 NW 2nd Avenue Miami into a larger place with about 100 members. The spirit of God was moving abundantly that people were coming from all over. There was a brother by the name of Brother Paul who would bring his wife to church and wait outside until the service was over. One day as water baptism was taking place, he came to watch; then the spirit of God spoke to him, and he walked into the water fully dress, suit, shoes and all and got baptized. Presently Br. Paul and his family are still part of assembly and is among our most respected deacon.

In 1986, we moved again to an even larger place, and the persecution continues. Moreover, the threats worsen, the enemy started vandalizing the church, the saints’ car while they inside worshiping. The more progress we made, the more problems we had, but by the grace of God, we persisted through it all.

In 1988, we established a branch of Full Gospel Assembly in Fort Myers, under the supervision of Pastor Gabriel Reynold Joseph. This assembly has an average of 100 members.

In 1992, we founded a Christian school using the Accelerated Christian Education system starting from K-12 grades with 9 students. Today we have 200 plus students. The assembly continues to grow and does the work of God. In 1998, another branch of Full Gospel was formed in Immokalee, Florida, under the supervision of Pastor Anivain with at least 80 members.

In 1999, another branch was formed in Vero Beach, Florida, under the supervision of Pastor Jean Baptiste with 80 plus members. During the year 2000, another branch was formed in Arcahaie, Haiti with 70 members under the supervision of Pastor Marc Antoine Sylvain.

In 2001, another branch was formed in Leigh acres, Florida, under the supervision of Pastor Eddy Regis. The blessing of the Lord continues for Full Gospel of 3901 NW 2nd Ave in Miami, Florida.

Today, we have a congregation of 300 plus members in addition to the other branches previously mentioned.

Understanding the Sovereignty of God and His Providence

God allowed these persecutions to happen, to build up his people. I have held no one responsible for what has happened. I came to understand that God was forming me and helping me to lead his children to him.

Our Beliefs

Full Gospel Assenbly of Righteousness...